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Invent a better way to fold the pads!

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2016年9月05日 23:59 UTC


Women love sanitary pads because pads come through for them in their time of need. They make women feel protected, dry, clean and comfortable during their periods. The only thing is that some women find sanitary pads too big to fit into their purse or pouch and not discreet enough to take them to the bathroom at work, or in a public place.

Always, one of the leading brands for menstruation pads, has listened to women, and wants to find an innovative new way to fold the pad, so it is more compact, but without changing the pad itself.

Can you help Always improve the fold design of the pad so it is more compact, discreet and appealing to women?


Invent a new & appealing fold design for Always sanitary pads without changing the pad itself.

The challenge is to come up with a new way to fold the Always Ultra sanitary pad to make the surface area of the folded pad smaller so it is more discreet. This would make it easier for women to carry them throughout the day in a small purse or pouch, and to the bathroom in the palm of their hand. Always is not expecting magic: the size of the pad will stay the same, so they understand that more compact designs will likely be thicker.

Always sanitary pads have not changed the fold in decades. Currently, it is folded twice, into 3 sections, wrapped & kept in place by a strip of tape. After opening the wrapped pad, it takes two hand movements to unfold it. As long as the new design is discreet & appealing, Always thinks women will accept up to 3 to 4 steps to open it. You can see the pad in the visual below:

Length/width of the pad: 124mm x 105mm.  Thickness: 2mm

The key thing to watch out for in terms of functionality which will require an ingenious solution is related to the wings that keep the pad in place on the panties. There is glue on the back of the wings protected by plastic like paper. If the wings stick to another part of the pad, the pad cannot be used, so it is essential that these do not get messed up in the new fold design you propose.

There is no limit to the shape or size of your design, as long as the surface area is smaller, it is attractive to women and convenient to use. We want you to be creative, but do not forget that multiple pads will need to be packed in a box, and assembled by machine.

To make sure that we perfectly understand your idea, please be as visual and instructive as possible. Use illustrations, collages or mock-ups to show us how the pad looks before opening it, and how it is unfolded. Tell us why you think women will like your design.



For your inspiration, look at other types of small objects that women can carry in the palm of their hand. Maybe there is no folding per se, but a simple technique that “opens” the compacted pad.  

A bad example would be to fold a pad into a real origami like rose or bird. While it might be appealing to women, it is too complicated to unfold, and it would not pack well in a box of 10 pads.



  • #1 獎金 € 2,000
  • #2 獎金 € 1,000
  • #3 獎金 € 500


Presentation with visuals and descriptions (maximum 4 pages PDF)

Page 1: the way it looks when it is folded or carried; Page 2: the folding instructions and how women unfold them; Page 3: explanation of your design;


Always is looking for an innovative way to fold the existing Ultra pads to replace the way it has been folded for decades. The winning entries need to be more attractive & compact than the current “Trifold”, yet simple to open & reliable to use.  



  • Entries should be in English.
  • Always is a brand dedicated to all women. It believes that women are incredible. They have unlimited potential. They are strong, wonderful and fabulous and can do anything they put their minds to. Always is their biggest cheerleader!
  • We would like fold design ideas that could be applicable to the Always Ultra sanitary pad. This brief does not concern Always panty liners which are often sold unfolded.
  • The new Fold Design should combine creativity & functionality. It cannot compromise the 1-2-3-4 step convenience of use and the “wings functionality” so it stays in place. For more information about the products, check here.
  • Always Ultra sanitary pads are sold in most countries. Do not hesitate to buy some and play around with them to generate ideas.
  • Do not change the pad itself.
  • The pads are packed fully wrapped, with a strip of tape. It is not necessary to deal with the wrapping in your idea; just the fold design. However, you are free to include a wrapping procedure in your submission.
  • You can download the logo in the toolkit here.
  • Your idea should include visuals and texts to explain your idea.
  • 授權和許可使用受保護的內容(包括音樂,照片...)必須包括至少:(一)納入該衍生或基於這些元素的新作品受保護的內容的權利;(二)使用權出於商業目的和(三)在互聯網上使用權。你必須能夠在任何時間提供這些授權和許可的書面證明。


  • 不要在作品中展現任何個人細節(姓名、聯系電話、郵件地址等等)
  • 請保留一份高質量或高清版本的參賽作品,以供在獲獎後使用。
  • 你提交的作品必須是你自己的創作,才具有參賽資格。
  • 你必須取得所有參與媒體創作的作者與演員,每個人的書面許可。
  • 若你有使用到不屬於你自己的創作內容 (音樂、照片、設計等內容),請在你的媒體描述說明中註明,不管你所使用到的音樂和/或圖片是否為自己創作,請提供授權連結證明你有這些內容的使用權利。
  • eYeka愛可網將可能要求你提供書面證明或書面文件的複件,以確保eYeka愛可網和品牌客戶能根據比賽規則獲得使用這些作品的授權。
  • 不符合上述規定的作品將不具備參賽資格。