Toothpaste Revolution 比賽結束

Create a revolution in oral care inventing the toothpaste of the future

€ 12,500
創意寫作 - 標簽與包裝設計

When it’s time to buy a new toothpaste because we’ve run out, we don’t give that much thought and buy the same that we’ve always used, or choose between the few that we usually have used. One of the reasons for this is because most toothpastes look the same – a white or striped, paste or gel that is dispensed from a soft-squeeze plastic tube, that comes in standard box packaging – and simply clean our teeth. This is the current state of toothpaste but does it have to be in the future? 

Break the norms of oral care and amaze us with your toothpaste of the future that will bring the tooth brushing experience to a whole new level of wow.

Format: Presentation with visuals and text (maximum of 4 pages, PDF).