Serra da Estrela - Innovation 比賽結束

Make Serra da Estrela appealing with a new product or packaging idea.

€ 5,000
平面設計 - 插畫

Water Serra da Estrela is a pure, crystal-clear spring water of high quality, captured in the granite rock and bottled near its source within the protected area of the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela (1,200 mts altitude). Serra da Estrela is a granite mountain chain and the highest mountain in Portugal.

The water, which takes its name from the area, has a brand signature that says: “the best that the mountain has to offer”. This water is generous. It’s the best water for everybody as it’s a pure, cold and clear water, filtered by granitic rock. It’s also very common for hiking and sightseeing lovers to drink it, as well as food lovers, to accompany the best cheeses and rich local cuisine. 

Serra da Estrela wants to innovate and find new ideas to make people choose this particular brand of water.

Reinvent Serra da Estrela by creating a new product or new packaging.

Format: presentations with designs and text (4 pages max)