Serra da Estrela - Innovation 比賽結束

Make Serra da Estrela appealing with a new product or packaging idea.

開始 2016年7月06日 結束 2016年7月25日 23:59 UTC 審議 結果 2016年9月
2016年7月25日 23:59 UTC


Water Serra da Estrela is a pure, crystal-clear spring water of high quality, captured in the granite rock and bottled near its source within the protected area of the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela (1,200 mts altitude). Serra da Estrela is a granite mountain chain and the highest mountain in Portugal.

The water, which takes its name from the area, has a brand signature that says: “the best that the mountain has to offer”. This water is generous. It’s the best water for everybody as it’s a pure, cold and clear water, filtered by granitic rock. It’s also very common for hiking and sightseeing lovers to drink it, as well as food lovers, to accompany the best cheeses and rich local cuisine.

The problem is that water is not a very exciting product. People buy it when they have to (for hikes, for instance) but they don’t really care which brand they choose.  

Serra da Estrela wants to innovate and find new ideas to make people choose this particular brand of water.

Can you think of ways to make spring water a product that people want to buy because it offers something its competitors don’t? Keep in mind that your ideas should be catchy and different, but without losing the brand’s essence – close to nature.


Reinvent Serra da Estrela by creating a new product or new packaging.

Think about what the brand could offer to people that is new and unique. It could be a dramatic change in pack, to make it more convenient or fun to use. Or it could be a new product like a new flavor, a new texture, a limited edition.

You’re free to invent a new product, as long as it’s still water. Flavored water is fine, but avoid putting coffee, tea, juices or carbonated drinks in your idea.

You need to think about what your product or packaging brings to people. 

It needs to be useful or exciting - it needs to bring something new that people will like. It's not just an innovation for the sake of it.

Serra da Estrela is a premium brand, but your ideas should not be too costly for consumers to buy.

In terms of the existing range, Serra da Estrela only has still water. Check their website.

As for the available formats, Serra da Estrela exists in individual consumer packaging (0.33L, 0.50L) and household consumption (1.50L and 6L). There is also a glass bottle available in capacities of 0.25L, 0.50L and 1L.

Design your product or packaging with illustrations or sketches.

Along with your visuals, please use text to describe your product or packaging idea, and answer the questions:

  1. Description of your idea: give it a name and one catchy tagline to promote it.
  2. What are the benefits your product or packaging offers?
  3. For what specific group of people is your idea made?
  4. Why would people buy Serra da Estrela and no other?

Make sure your idea is new and unique. Make sure it’s relevant for the brand Serra da Estrela, which is pure, authentic, natural and premium.



A good idea for this contest would be a water that has a vitamin supplement. A great solution to get ready for a hike in the mountains. People would drink it before and during their trip. It has a great taste, and there are tiny bubbles inside for a great mouth sensation.

A good packaging idea would be a system of three different-sized bottles (1.5 liters, 1 liter and 33cl) that are all attached. When they are grouped together, they look like a mountain chain, where the highest bottle (the 1.5 liter one) overlooks the others. It’s quite useful to be able to buy three different sizes as people use spring water for different reasons during a normal week.



  • #1 獎金 € 3,000
  • #2 獎金 € 1,500
  • #3 獎金 € 500


Presentations with designs and text (4 pages max)


The jury will be sensitive to ideas that bring something really unique to consumers. To win, your idea must be something that makes people want Serra da Estrela and no other.



  • Entries should be in English or in Portuguese.
  • Don’t put coffee or tea in the water. Don’t invent juices or energy drinks. After all, your product will still be called water.
  • You can download the logo from the toolkit
  • 授權和許可使用受保護的內容(包括音樂,照片...)必須包括至少:(一)納入該衍生或基於這些元素的新作品受保護的內容的權利;(二)使用權出於商業目的和(三)在互聯網上使用權。你必須能夠在任何時間提供這些授權和許可的書面證明。


  • 不要在作品中展現任何個人細節(姓名、聯系電話、郵件地址等等)
  • 請保留一份高質量或高清版本的參賽作品,以供在獲獎後使用。
  • 你提交的作品必須是你自己的創作,才具有參賽資格。
  • 你必須取得所有參與媒體創作的作者與演員,每個人的書面許可。
  • 若你有使用到不屬於你自己的創作內容 (音樂、照片、設計等內容),請在你的媒體描述說明中註明,不管你所使用到的音樂和/或圖片是否為自己創作,請提供授權連結證明你有這些內容的使用權利。
  • eYeka愛可網將可能要求你提供書面證明或書面文件的複件,以確保eYeka愛可網和品牌客戶能根據比賽規則獲得使用這些作品的授權。
  • 不符合上述規定的作品將不具備參賽資格。