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Convince mums that Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is the ultimate protection against germs and bacteria for their entire family.

Bring to life the idea of "unbeatable germ protection that maintains the moisture shield " in an interesting and clutter-breaking way.

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Priyaaa #1 獎
Priyaaa 22,410 創意積分
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#1 獎 € 1,500 被授予給Guarding you and your loved ones with every wash.

I am extremely honoured and thankful to receive the first prize based on my creation for Safeguard Pure White Body Wash contest. I have been part of eYeka for some time and this creative platform has definitely allowed me to challenge my graphic design abilities with their stimulating project briefs. I am grateful for eYeka in recognizing my design capabilities through this win. Thank you!

juansebastianecheverri #2 獎
juansebastianecheverri 939,820 創意積分
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#2 獎 € 600 被授予給Shield of Love

jalugagahsatria #3 獎
jalugagahsatria 23,800 創意積分
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#3 獎 € 400 被授予給I Guard You

I feel very appreciated. Eyeka has been giving me so much inspiration and
chances to contribute more in so many communication types and variety. The
Creative challenges, brand and consumer insights, etc. Now, i would love to
explore more and better contribution on Eyeka.



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