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How can a cup of NESCAFÉ trigger real connections?

Create a playful and surprising video that shows people creating real social connections, inspired by a cup of NESCAFÉ.

Video or animation (up to 45 seconds max.)

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Nescafé Nestle

Thank you for your participation in the NESCAFÉ contest on Eyeka. Unfortunately, your video was not selected today but we would like to acknowledge your efforts in producing such a creative and original piece of content. We hope that you enjoyed making it as much as we enjoyed watching it!



shu_wu #1 獎
shu_wu 142,540 創意積分
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#1 獎 € 12,000 被授予給NESCAFé_For the Love of Coffee

NESCAFÉ really plays a central role in this video as the Mug triggers both the encounter of the characters and the bonding moment. The very good quality of the creative execution, the unexpected twist in the story and the joyful tone makes it an interesting piece of content, especially for social media since it can be understood without any sound. Therefore, it was selected as the first prize winner of the contest.

Shapran #2 獎
Shapran 20,600 創意積分
  • 平面設計
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#2 獎 € 6,000 被授予給Be social

This video is funny and surprising, and in every scene the conviviality and togetherness triggered by NESCAFÉ are central. The quality of the creative execution is good and the look and feel is close to usual NESCAFÉ publications on social media. It also calls on cultural references that will appeal to digital native audiences. Therefore, this piece of content was selected as the second prize winner of the contest.

igor_trubaev #3 獎
igor_trubaev 32,500 創意積分
  • 視頻

#3 獎 € 2,000 被授予給#nescafeplace

This video was selected as third prize winner of this contest thanks to the quality of its creative execution and the role given to NESCAFÉ. It shows how NESCAFÉ can trigger convivial moments anywhere. Instead of opposing real and virtual connections, the video demonstrates how one can enrich the other.




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