Ariel & ACE - Compaction 比賽結束

Convince people that "compacted/concentrated" detergents work as well as normal ones.

€ 7,500
平面設計 - 插畫

P&G has developed smaller “compacted” bottles for its detergent brands like Ariel and ACE. The way it works to achieve the same cleaning performance is very simple: formulas include more active ingredients and with less products used, they clean perfectly. The package is smaller but only that!

The challenge is to convince people that there is no difference in performance (perfect cleanliness and same amount of shirts can be cleaned) between the bigger and smaller package. Compaction does not mean “less for less” but “less for better”

In order to change the habits of Latin American countries, create a convincing poster that tells an engaging story in order to reassure buyers about compacted detergents, and explain the no-difference/equivalence versus non-compacted products.

Format: Poster + story in text (2 pages max- PDF)