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How can you make beauty products sustainable?

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L’Oréal is the world’s biggest beauty company. What L’Oréal believes in is: Beauty for all - no matter which country, which socio-economic class and what age or life stage people are in, they have the right to great hygiene and beauty.

Beauty for all is L’Oréal’s new sustainability commitment.

This commitment covers four areas:

  • Innovating sustainably — by 2020, L’Oréal will innovate so that 100% of its products have an environmental benefit.
  • Producing sustainably — by 2020, L’Oréal will reduce its environmental footprint by 60% whilst bringing beauty to one billion new consumers.
  • Living sustainably — by 2020, they will empower every L’Oréal consumer to make sustainable consumption choices while enhancing the beauty of the planet.

Some milestones have already been achieved, such as the prohibition of animal testing, less use of plastic in products, zero waste packaging where consumer can use the product till last drop. There is also the biodegradability of the formulas used in products per se – no silicon, no surfactants, products that require less water to be processed, the use of natural ingredients instead of chemicals, etc.

L’Oréal wants to ground its actions in people’s convictions and this is why they’re coming to eYeka, to get a feel of what could be the next big innovation in terms of sustainability for beauty products (hair and skin care mostly).


Create an idea that will break the mold and make the beauty products (skin and hair care products or make-up) more sustainable.

Your idea needs to be something that really changes the game, things that will have a positive impact on the planet. Also, it should be things that will make a change for consumers – something that bring a benefit. For example, sulfate-free shampoos. It’s sustainable because it’s good for the planet but consumers don’t care. But if you allow people to refill their empty pack of skin care, it will mean something to them because it will cost less money to buy.

Your idea should be one for heavily-used products.

Here’s the list of products you can use for your idea. Pick one of them for your idea:

Click on the links to see the range of products on L'Oréal Paris website.

Your idea should be composed of a key visual and the answers to these questions (1 page, split into two parts)

  1. In what way is your idea sustainable? What’s the benefit for the planet?
  2. What’s the end benefit for the consumer?
  3. Where does your inspiration come from? It can come from other brands or products (food, automotive, etc.)
  4. What kind of consumers is your idea designed for? (Geography + gender)



A lot of things have been done in this field. For example, condensed deodorant sprays. They contain the same quantity of product but use less aluminum as the packs are smaller.

Recycling rain water to be used in factories is also a route that is explored. Being able to bring back your empty packs of skin care for refill them is another example of a good idea. Replacement of packaging material by a material that is better for the eco-system is also an idea that would work for this contest.

Bad ideas: removing parabens from shampoos and shower gels. It’s not changing the game, as most products have already removed them. 



  • #1 獎金 € 1,500
  • #2 獎金 € 600
  • #3 獎金 € 400


1 page: visual of illustration and answers to the questions.


We’re asking you to imagine ambitious things. The jury will award ideas that have the potential to have a big impact.



  • Use this template for your submission: here
  • Entries should be in English.
  • By sustainability, we mean “green” and good for the planet. The scope is not about social initiatives, like training women in remote places to help them get a job for instance.
  • Don't hesitate to visit L'Oréal Paris website if you want to read more about the products. 
  • 入選作品將被用於在互聯網上。授權和許可使用受保護的內容(包括音樂,照片..)必須與互聯網廣播兼容。你必須能夠在任何時間提供這些授權和許可的書面證明。


  • 不要在作品中展現任何個人細節(姓名、聯系電話、郵件地址等等)
  • 請保留一份高質量或高清版本的參賽作品,以供在獲獎後使用。
  • 你提交的作品必須是你自己的創作,才具有參賽資格。
  • 你必須取得所有參與媒體創作的作者與演員,每個人的書面許可。
  • 若你有使用到不屬於你自己的創作內容 (音樂、照片、設計等內容),請在你的媒體描述說明中註明,不管你所使用到的音樂和/或圖片是否為自己創作,請提供授權連結證明你有這些內容的使用權利。
  • eYeka愛可網將可能要求你提供書面證明或書面文件的複件,以確保eYeka愛可網和品牌客戶能根據比賽規則獲得使用這些作品的授權。
  • 不符合上述規定的作品將不具備參賽資格。