Meaningful Banking Moments 比賽結束

What do you want your bank to do for you?

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2016年3月09日 23:59 UTC


Do you like your bank? Are you happy with the relationship you have with it? Does it behave in the way you expect? Do the interactions you have with it give you full satisfaction? Would you recommend it to a friend?

We bet you are part of the majority of people who complain about banks or think the experience banks provide could be greatly improved.

Société Générale is a French banking group with operations in 36 countries. They are pioneers in trying to improve customer satisfaction. The ambition of the International Retail Banking team is to offer the best experience to their clients in order to delight them.

To do so, the first step is to understand what the key moments are and to know why they matter to customers. As the saying goes, “the devil lies in the detail”, so can you point us to the details of where the devil is? And also help us define what happens when something is delightful?

Can you help Société Générale redesign its experience around your core needs?


In a story made of two posters, show us the reality of your banking experience today.  Choose an episode which angers you and one which delights you, either as you experience it or as you would like it to be. In both cases, tell us why these moments matter to you.

We’d like you to create two posters and the related explanations that will help us understand what your frustrations are today and what the bank should do to make you happy.

We’re not looking for new banking products and services. Let us know about the moments but don’t try to invent solutions that might solve the problems in the future. The scope of the contest is the present.

The execution does not matter, we are not expecting quality print ads or campaigns for a bank. We’d like you to express yourself and this can be done through sketches, story boards, series of snapshots or posters that aim to communicate the benefit of a brand or company.

Questions you should ask yourself are: What matters to you when interacting with your bank? What are the key moments? Is your bank failing to make these moments a great experience? How could your bank make the moment better, by changing little details or big things?

For both posters, the “low” and the “wow” moments, please tell us:

  1. What‘s the episode illustrated and what’s its frequency?
  2. Why do you choose this moment? Why does it matter to you? Are you sure it is making a big difference?
  3. What do you feel in the moment?
  4. What will you tell your friends about?

When creating your entry, make sure you pick your moments wisely. Ask yourself the following questions: “if my bank fixed this low moment, would I feel different about it?”, “if this wow moment could repeat itself, would it change the way I feel about banking institutions?”.

Also, take the point of view of an individual, not a company or an association. As such, the interactions that you have with your bank are numerous: I have a project, I want to change bank, I want to contact my advisor, I am looking for information, I manage my money, etc.



To inspire you, we would like to give you examples taken from other industries.

About a ‘low moment’: We all know how painful it is for a client to make a claim to its insurance company. The moment is crucial because the client is in a bad situation and seeks for assistance. He or she is in need for help. For instance, he’s stuck on the side of the highway with kids who are tired and thirsty… that’s really a key moment.

Another example is going to a hotel and entering the room that you’ve booked online. As a client, you don’t know which room you’ll get and it’s a moment with a lot of suspense. For example, the worst could be to get a smoking room when you don’t smoke.

An example of a ‘wow moment’ now: You are getting your car fixed at the garage. It’s just a minor repair but you know it will cost you money. When you come back to pick up your car, you pay the bill but surprise! Your car has been fully cleaned inside and outside. This is something that makes you change opinion of the garage and makes you want to come back to this one next time you need to.

Another example of a happy moment is when, at the bookstore, the sales assistant to whom you’ve asked for a book is going to the shelf to pick it up for you instead of you having to look for it. Because it happens so often, it’s important that this moment goes well. Because you feel valued, it’s important too.



  • #1 獎金 € 3,000
  • #2 獎金 € 1,500
  • #3 獎金 € 500


4 pages: ‘Low moment’ poster and answers (page 1-2) and ‘Wow moment’ poster and answers (page 3-4).


The winners will be picked among the ideas that make us understand WHY the moment described is important.

Also, Société Générale is looking for key moments that cover the holistic banking experience: think about what matters to you as a consumer, not what matters to the bank!



  • Don’t invent products and services, your entry would be rejected.
  • Only entries that answer the questions will be accepted.
  • Also make sure you cover a “low” and a “wow” moment. But keep in mind that they don’t have to be related (it does not have to be the same moment, do not try to provide a solution for an episode you feel is broken).
  • Entries are accepted in English, French and Russian.
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