Coca-Cola® Freeze Pack 比賽結束
#CocaColaFreeze eÿeka Express

Surprise us with the next frozen sparkling beverage sensation!

€ 5,000

Tracey and Brian are your typical twenty-something years old. When they want to take a break mid afternoon, they head to their local McDonald’s and order a frozen sparkling beverage (FSB) from Coca-Cola. Frozen sparkling beverages are similar to sparkling beverages but with an additional ingredient that fills the drink with air to create a delicious and refreshing, light and fluffy ice-cold drink.  They are a great mid-afternoon snack when they’re socializing and catching up with friends or for a break with colleagues. The challenge is that FSB have been popular for a while, therefore they are seen less as a novelty now. It is a bit of the same old, same old… Can you inject a spark of creativity to make them exciting to drink again so that Brian or Tracey will keep ordering them? 

Tracey and Brian have just arrived at a McDonald’s counter. Can you surprise them with a very innovative Coca-Cola frozen sparkling beverage that they will want to order?

Format: PDF presentation (max 3 pages).