Mountain Dew - It Doesn’t Exist Until You Do it 比賽結束

Mountain Dew – “It doesn’t exist until you do it”.

€ 27,000

Mountain Dew challenges young guys to constantly dream up, create and activate awesome experiences without regard to success or failure, perfection or achievement, but because they result in a damn good time. Awesome experiences do not exist on their own, they only exist “when you Dew it”.

“Do the Dew” is a tagline and Mountain Dew’s ambition is to show its audience that it can be a way of life. Can you help? 

Create an energetic and engaging 30 or 120 second video that depicts “Dewers” - either individuals or a group of friends – as they go about creating a spontaneous “damn good time”.

Format: video (less than 30 sec or more than 2 mins).