Mountain Dew - It Doesn’t Exist Until You Do it 比賽結束

Mountain Dew – “It doesn’t exist until you do it”.

開始 2015年11月27日 結束 2016年1月17日 23:59 UTC 審議 結果 2016年2月
2016年1月17日 23:59 UTC


Mountain Dew is a soft drink that refreshes and energizes. Drinking it is a deliberate choice, a badge. It shows you are taking charge and expressing your freedom by being true to yourself. Those that choose Mountain Dew are “Dewers”, we say they “Do the Dew”. The creative and spontaneous “Dewers” create their own experiences that are not about achievement or getting attention. Rather, they are motivated to turn an ordinary experience into an exhilarating “damn good time.”

Mountain Dew challenges young guys to constantly dream up, create and activate awesome experiences without regard to success or failure, perfection or achievement, but because they result in a damn good time. Awesome experiences do not exist on their own, they only exist “when you Dew it”.

“Do the Dew” is a tagline and Mountain Dew’s ambition is to show its audience that it can be a way of life. Can you help? 


Create an energetic and engaging 30 or 120 second video that depicts “Dewers” - either individuals or a group of friends – as they go about creating a spontaneous “damn good time”.

The video should show Mountain Dew as the catalyst that inspires the characters to make the most of things; just because it makes life more exhilarating.

Whether you are a teenage boy transitioning to young adult, or a young father with a home, kids and a dog, life can feel constrained.  When you “dew”, you break through constraints and create a celebratory moment of freedom.  However, Mountain Dew does not create magical transformations! It adds fuel to the amazing moments that Dewers seek to create.

Tone of voice:

  • Authentic and real-feeling, not staged or scripted.
  • Celebrate the journey & the achievement, not all about success.
  • Experiences depicted should be participatory, not for pros only.
  • Cross cultural appeal (not US centric).
  • Fun but not too funny/ LOL/ stupid.
  • In-line with the brand’s vision: “it doesn’t exist until you do it”.

Your video should appeal to people who are confident and unapologetic about expressing their individuality, but who are not arrogant or defiant. “Dewers” are creative and inspired to turn ordinary opportunities into an exhilarating, damn good time for themselves and their friends. They “seize the day” and create an awesome experience with Mountain Dew.

If your video is awesome, it could be used right away on social media and people would want to share it with their friends.

Keep in mind the role Mountain Dew should have in your story: To challenge people to make the most of things, more often, because that makes life more exhilarating, thrilling and fun. It’s better if you feature the product in your video- but it’s not mandatory.

Use the tagline: “it doesn’t exist until you do it”.

Here is a list of restrictions to keep in mind: your story should not be about something for the record books. If there is an extensive expertise and/or practice required; it’s not right. If it’s too jackass (Doing something for the reaction, not for the experience), it’s not right either:

In other words...
IF it’s sending you to the hospital or jail THEN we’ve gone too jackass.
IF it looks like only a pro could do it THEN we’ve gone too unattainable.
IF it’s doing something for the record books and recognition THEN you’ve gone too far.
IF it can only be made through movie magic THEN we’re not being authentic.

Use the end frame we provide you at the end of the video.

Please don’t hesitate to send your stories (one page of text) before you start producing your video, in order to get feedback from us on whether you are “on-brand” at



  1. A good example for this contest could be a video that shows a guy drinking Mountain Dew on a platform, waiting for the Subway. He has a pile of printed documents in foreign languages and we understand that he’s trying to learn foreign languages. He finishes his can of Mountain Dew and enters into the Subway that just arrived. There’s suddenly something that’s happening in his head and he starts going to each person in the train and ask him or her to teach him a world in a foreign language they know. He comes to an Indian man and tells him: “how do we say unbelievable in Hindi?” The man tells him the word. Then he asks to a girl: “Which language do you know”. “Italian” she replies. He asks: “please tell me how we say: “Freedom”. He does this for many people in the train and leaves the train saying many words in other languages. End frame: “It doesn’t exist until you do it”. 

  2. Another example would be group of friends finishing up a physical activity like football (soccer) or skateboarding at the end of the day. Obviously tired, they are sitting outside a shop drinking Mountain Dew when one of them sees a display loaded with glow sticks.  He takes a sip of Mountain Dew, jumps up, grabs a bunch of glow sticks, and hands them out to the group. This creates the catalyst that reenergizes the group to continue the action in a twilight match with glow sticks attached to their feet. They film the action with their phones to create a montage of the fun.  End frame: “It doesn’t exist until you do it”. 

  3. Another example: A group of colleagues is working late, trying to finish a big project. Lots of prints of spreadsheets and boring stuff are taped up on a large white board.  They are clearly exhausted and uninspired. One guy, sipping Mountain begins tapping his glass to a beat… He gets an idea, grabs another glass, and puts his smart phone in it to amplify a song.  Others take the clue and start adding to the beat on notebooks, mugs and cans of mountain do.  Another person gets inspired and begins to add colorful sketches and accents to the spreadsheets. Suddenly the whole team is re-energized. They continue the DIY rhythm, laughing and sketching, typing on laptops etc. while they make a kick-ass presentation.  End frame: “It doesn’t exist until you do it”.



  • #1 獎金 € 12,000
  • #2 獎金 € 6,000
  • #3 獎金 € 4,000
  • #4 獎金 € 3,000
  • #5 獎金 € 2,000


Video (less than 30 sec or more than 2 mins)


Your video should provoke an "exhilarating" impact on the audience. What you need to do to win is to bring to life the idea of “It doesn't exist until you do it" and also stay true to the brand and its motto: "Do the Dew". Of course, telling an original and great story will help, but it’s really finding the right tone of voice and be “on-brand” that matters.

The brand will award original, engaging and creative videos that could be used straightaway at a global level.



  • Videos should be without too many words. If you use language, it’s ok to submit in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and Russian as long as you provide subtitles.
  • Duration: we know that videos that perform are either very short (under 30 sec) or quite long (more than 2 minutes). Please pick one of two options for your video.

Download the logo and an inspirational video from the toolkit.

  • 授權和許可使用受保護的內容(包括音樂,照片...)必須包括至少:(一)納入該衍生或基於這些元素的新作品受保護的內容的權利;(二)使用權出於商業目的和(三)在互聯網上使用權。你必須能夠在任何時間提供這些授權和許可的書面證明。


  • 不要在作品中展現任何個人細節(姓名、聯系電話、郵件地址等等)
  • 請保留一份高質量或高清版本的參賽作品,以供在獲獎後使用。
  • 你提交的作品必須是你自己的創作,才具有參賽資格。
  • 你必須取得所有參與媒體創作的作者與演員,每個人的書面許可。
  • 若你有使用到不屬於你自己的創作內容 (音樂、照片、設計等內容),請在你的媒體描述說明中註明,不管你所使用到的音樂和/或圖片是否為自己創作,請提供授權連結證明你有這些內容的使用權利。
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  • 不符合上述規定的作品將不具備參賽資格。