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Wow us with your print ad that brings to life the water saving benefits of Comfort One Rinse!

Find an impactful yet emotionally engaging way to introduce Comfort One Rinse and its water saving benefits in a global campaign idea.

Print ad & text: Images, illustrations and text (5 pages max. PDF only).

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Comfort Unilever

A big round of thanks to all the participants. We had some really high quality entries and which speaks very highly of the work which went behind in creating them. Many thanks once again, and look forward to your active participation for the next brief.



mysocialduck #1 獎
mysocialduck 5,110 創意積分
  • 創意寫作
  • 劇本寫作

#1 Prize of € 3,000

It’s great to have the winning idea for this contest because it aims not just to sell a brand but also to do good for the world. Thanks, Unilever and eYeka, for this inspiring challenge.

I really liked the short, succinct tagline "one for water". A powerful sentence which connects the product "one rinse" and the need for people across the world to come together for this initiative.

igna_gamboa #2 獎
igna_gamboa 0 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計
  • 攝影

#2 Prize of € 1,500

This contest was very interesting, and i'm so glad to be chosen again. This is really great because i feel my work worth it here. 

I really liked the visual device and the number of ideas in your submission.

Denarts #3 獎
Denarts 10 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計

#3 Prize of € 500

I did not expect to win this context, because the image I created is beautiful, evocative, but without a story behind, and strong impact, it would not be so clear and convincing, so I am very happy that the jury understood I wanted to say with this poster. Thanks to the Comfort, and eYeka for the opportunity.


I really liked the key visual.




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