Tropicana: Pitch the next video 比賽結束

Spread Tropicana’s optimism to inspire, entertain and amaze others!

€ 20,000

The aim of this contest is to select two finalists who will shoot videos for Tropicana.

Tropicana believes that the natural goodness of fruit brings the best out of people. That the power of fruit can wake your senses, thrill your taste buds and make every moment just that bit better. Tropicana nourishes people’s natural optimism, brings out the best out of them and this optimism can reach others to inspire, entertain or amaze them.

Invent an original and creative story in which Tropicana nourishes someone’s optimism and impact others. Pitch it to us by describing or sketching the key visuals and story elements.

Don't just show happy people drinking orange juice. We want a real story, and to be surprised!

Don’t produce the final video yet! Just the pitch! Check out this article about video pitches and clarify any questions at if you need any help.


FORMAT: A video pitch.