Easy-Off BAM 比賽結束

Give us a loud and unexpected idea of showing how BAM can blast and eliminate grease instantly.

€ 2,000
插畫 - 創意寫作

Grease is the worst stain to remove as the grease cells stick together, making them impossible to take apart. Luckily BAM is here to the rescue, it’s a badass at destroying grease as it forces it to separate into small cells, which can be wiped off easily.

BAM is looking to present this kick-ass power against grease to women in real time, right before their eyes, through a crazy and OVER THE TOP demonstration. Your job is to invent a loud, wild, original but POSSIBLE way of presenting BAM’s power against grease. Throw an idea that would make us fall off our chairs with its craziness level and get us excited to actually execute it! 

Format: Presentation with text and images (5 PDF pages MAX).