Pond's Cold Cream 比賽結束

Bring back the magic to Pond’s iconic Cold Cream with a touch of contemporary creativity!

€ 10,000
插畫 - 創意寫作

Your job is to inspire women to try out the ultimate beauty product - Pond’s Cold Cream. It’s a classic, iconic skin care product that has been used by women all over the world since 1907 to remove even the most stubborn make-up and dirt, while nurturing their skin. Younger women in their 30s are not aware of its iconic status and how well it works. We want you to infuse your creativity into Pond’s Cold Cream, in a contemporary and fabulous way, so they won’t be able to resist trying it out.

Create an original, contemporary poster with a tagline that brings to life one of Pond’s Cold Cream's fabulous benefits, so that young women in their thirties won’t be able to fight the urge to try it out!

Format: Poster with tagline (maximum 2 pages PDF)