CRUNCH - Pitch the next video 比賽結束
#CrunchAd Grants

CRUNCH Cereals спасает подростков от неприятностей! Придумайте видео, которое зрители досмотрят до конца, и представьте его нам.

€ 28,000
視頻 - 動畫

With this super crunchiness, unconventional explosive shape and indulgent chocolate taste, Nestlé CRUNCH is THE ally of teens’ breakfast.

CRUNCH wants to convey that teens are often in tricky situations and they wish they could get out of them. Due to its incomparable crunchiness, CRUNCH explodes in their mouth and this creates a physical effect on the teens and their environment (= the CRUNCH effect) that helps them solve the situation in a funny way.

Imagine a story about CRUNCH Cereals helping teens getting out of boring situations and/or social conventions. “Pitch” your story to us, letting us know what your final video will look like. 

FORMAT: Pitch video featuring storyboards or pictures.