Tip Top English Muffins 比賽結束

Can you help mums express their creativity with Muffins and Music?

€ 15,000
視頻 - 動畫

Ready for another Music Challenge? Tip Top English Muffins is all about the M and M, Music and Muffins, two of the most wonderful things in the world combined into one. Imagine holding muffins in your hand. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. You put it into your mouth and it crumbles gloriously into an explosion of taste! Drooling already? Why not add some music to it and inspire mums to express their creativity with muffins in a catchy music video.

Create an awesome, catchy video where a mum expresses her mood with Muffins and Music!

Format: Video or animation – maximum 30 seconds.