Maille Gifting 比賽結束

Amaze food lovers with your gift idea to be made by Maille.

€ 5,000
創意寫作 - 標簽與包裝設計

Maille is a pretty unique brand. Founded in France in 1747, the “Maison Maille” (House of Maille) offers a great selection of mustards, vinegars, gherkins, sauces and food accessories to people who have a passion for good food.   

Maille also has a range of accessories (mustard spatula, oven gloves, aprons) and gifts (seasonal combinations of small jars of mustards packed in special boxes and bags.) for its demanding customers.

Thanks to these items, people who used to struggle to find gifts for discerning friends are now able to avoid the clichéd gifts of wine, flowers and chocolate and amaze their friends.

Amaze Maille with new gift ideas that people will offer so that they make a great impression and fill their friends with joy.

Format: Product design - illustrations and text (PDF only)