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How can you revolutionize the banking industry?

Are you creative enough to imagine the future bank in 2025? How could we disrupt the whole banking model? Submit your revolution ideas through simple visual stories and win up to EUR 7,500 of prizes!

Visual stories.

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Thank you for participating in this contest, we received very nice illustrations that we didn't pick because we were also looking for a big picture, an idea of how banks and their ecosystems will evolve.

Keep creating!



caroleser #1 獎
caroleser 0 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 創意寫作
  • 劇本寫作

#1 Prize of € 3,000

Congratulations! We chose your entry because it has the best illustrations: well drawn and easy to understand. Of course the content was also important: we also believe that using clients' data in order to provide them with services will be a key activity of the bank of the future.

yonoeliaytu #2 獎
yonoeliaytu 4,550 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計

#2 Prize of € 2,000

We liked the comics format and the story was easy to understand, although the illustrations could be improved. The content was also very important to us: we liked the idea that the bank will both analyze your data to give you advice and to do boring things for you; and indicate who it is safe to share your data with.

kerubin #3 獎
kerubin 36,530 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作

#3 Prize of € 1,000

This entry looked good, and we appreciate the possibility to customize our home page, but this proposition is very focused on one part of the bank and doesn't explain what the big picture will be.

Pablo_Margara #4 獎
Pablo_Margara 27,240 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計

#4 Prize of € 1,000

We liked the fact that you imagined that banks will know everything about their customers, that it will be normal and accepted by customers. We also believe that banks will help in all the fields of their customers' lives. The illustration also looked good but it was too messy and complex to rapidly understand its meaning.

Elvus #5 獎
Elvus 0 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計

#5 Prize of € 500

This contest was very inspiring, hope there are more contests that require both analysis and imagination.

We liked the fact that you imagined banks will use the data they have on their customers in order to help them in both their personal and professional lives ; and the fact that they will be proactive and help us think about less things.




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