SK-II - China Luxury 比賽結束

Can you convince women in China that SK-II is the best skincare brand for them?

€ 15,000
插畫 - 創意寫作

Imagine a young woman in China - in a society that has developed by leaps and bounds, this is finally her time. She works hard and has high aspirations. She is intelligent and capable. But she feels like she needs to outwardly display her best self in order to compete and be equal in society. She pays close attention to the brand she chooses because it is an extension of her personality and an indication of her status in society. SK-II is a premium skincare brand with rich Asian heritage that has much to offer to these women. Not only does it give them the miracle transformation of crystal clear skin, it helps them bring out their true best selves. Can you convince these women that SK-II is the best and more desirable premium skincare brand for Asian women?

Create surprising online, outdoor, or in-store activities that will convince young, modern and affluent women in China that SK-II is the best premium skincare brand for Asian skin.

Format: Presentations with text and visuals, maximum 5 pages (PDF).