New Herta Dough 比賽結束

What exciting, delightful new product could you create with chilled dough?

€ 10,000

Chilled dough is a very cool product. It is a ready-to-use, thick malleable dough made of water and flour. You don’t need to add anything to use it and it is a time-saving solution. With chilled dough you can easily make pies and pizzas, cookies and cakes. What’s great about chilled dough is that people can add their personal touch. They can either use the dough straightaway, and cook it or bake it, or they can add ingredients to make their own dish.

Chilled dough is such a versatile product… Create a new, easy and ready to use chilled dough product to delight amateur bakers and food lovers.

Format: Presentations with illustrations and text, max. 3 pages (PDF only)