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Turn coffee into a hip, sought-after Chinese New Year gift.

Make instant NESCAFÉ a must-give present for Chinese New Year with a packaging idea that “sends New Year wishes to peers” and “Shares happiness during gatherings”.

Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text. (PDF only)

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Dear Community Members:

We would like to thank you for the passion and efforts that you’ve put into the NESCAFÉ gifting project . We are really impressed with the creativity, which made the decision very difficult for the jury.

After a couple of weeks of internal evaluation and debate, the final three winners have finally been selected. Congratulations to the winners! Also thanks to all those contributing great ideas! We are truly inspired!

We’re looking forward to launching new aspirational NESCAFÉ gift items to our consumers.




Doreen #1 獎
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#1 Prize of € 4,000

Thanks NESCAFÉ for this prize, I also thank eYeka for providing such great platform for creators to showcase our creativity.
This is the first prize we won here, we would like to share the joy of creating through this entry 春。饗.

We are a team of two (Laura Cheng and Doreen Tu), we want to express the importance of Chinese New Year to Chinese people and emphasize the unique value of this traditional festival. I hope whether you are visiting relatives, celebrating with your family or staying overseas, you can still feel the joy of sharing through this gift pack.

Lastly, thanks again NESCAFÉ and eYeka for launching such meaningful contest for us.

ram #2 獎
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#2 Prize of € 3,000

We are actually a team of three young professionals who graduated from the same university in the Philippines but we each decided to pursue different career paths.

So, basically, when it comes to building up ideas, we rarely come up with something similar to each others’ then end up arguing. But, that’s not really the end of it. Usually, because of the arguing, we come up with an even greater idea which we’d all agree in (which is usually a concept that would really convince us to buy the product we are designing. Hahahaha!). Then, we’d do all sorts of research and surveys… asking our families and friends regarding the nature of our entry (looking for loopholes and stuff; seeing how much more we can strengthen our concept) and it is really fun to see it all working out.

Joining eYeka’s contests were fun and challenging. They kept our creative juices running. Winning them was a different story. It made us want to join more contests since we can see that all our efforts were very much appreciated. We are very thankful that there’s a site that gives ordinary people a chance to create something extraordinary. Thanks eYeka!

areth7 #3 獎
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#3 Prize of € 1,000

I found out eYeka through a local newspaper. I’m not a professional designer. I work as a Project Manager.

eYeka is incredible! It gives me the opportunity to develop my idea and helps me improve. I hope that design will become my full time job very soon!
In eYeka We all have equal opportunities to win, We just need to apply our creativity and passion. I can say that you should always try to put your heart in the creations.
Finally, it is never too late to start something new! I would like to share a passage from Ecclesiastes that guides my life, “Everything has its time under heaven.” And Now for me is the time to create!

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