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Bring to life how Kellogg’s helps give kids a better start to the day!

For the Kellogg’s fans, it’s time to celebrate your favorite brand by showing people how Kellogg’s provides kids with a better start to their day!

video/animation, 60 seconds maximum.

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Kellogg's Kellogg's

Thanks for all of the entries. We had a tough time choosing, as there were so many great ideas & the quality of the work was awesome. Thanks!



sqbrown #1 獎
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#1 Prize of € 10,000

Thanks so much for your entry. We love it. You really answered the brief, with so much emotion & warmth. It’s beautiful.

duncan88smith #2 獎
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#2 Prize of € 6,000

I really enjoyed this fun brief from Kellogs. Working with kids is great, they bring a youthful energy and unpredictability to projects.

For me its all about the idea. No matter how good the production is, if you don’t start with a great idea it is a waste of time. If you build off of an awesome idea with slick production you cant go wrong.

Thanks for your entry. We love the ‘slice of life’ nature of your entry. It felt very genuine, showing that lovely side of kids enthusiasm & imagination, and linking it to breakfast. Thanks.

brendanwalsh #3 獎
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#3 Prize of € 4,000

I always look for assignments that have a human element. I love capturing performances that are genuine because the brand has a genuine message, so I thought this Kelloggs contest was perfect!

I like commercials that are scripted but still have an element of documentary: capturing the essence of the human spirit on a small, relate-able scale. I’m always looking out for new projects and collaborations, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for your entry. We love the inspirational feel of your entry, and the focus on preparation, and breakfast as part of that, captures what we truly believe. Thanks.


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It was not an easy contest as we know it’s challenging to shoot with kids, but you managed to send us amazing entries that impressed Kellogg’s client :)


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