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Case Study: Introduce Pop Tops to parents as fun refreshment

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Introduce Pop Tops to moms as fun refreshment for happy kids wherever they go

Create a bright, simple and playful print depicting how Pop Tops brings happiness to both moms and kids wherever they go.

Photo, illustration or print with explanation

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Pop Tops Schweppes

Thank you for participating in our Pop Tops competition. We received a great breadth of fantastic creative and appreciate the time and effort that has gone into each piece.


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charly-dh #1 獎
charly-dh 13,440 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計
  • 攝影
  • 劇本寫作

#1 Prize of € 3,000

I’m very pleased to have won this contest. My friend and I will be back with more good ideas for Eyeka! It’s every time with great pleasure that we discover the briefing. Keep it up and we’ll do the same. Thank you.

Great balance in your creative. We loved how you transport the viewer to a world of adventure that both Mums and kids can relate to.

Pop Tops
laurybonjean #2 獎
laurybonjean 50 創意積分
  • 平面設計
  • 插畫
  • 創意寫作
  • 標簽與包裝設計

#2 Prize of € 1,500

We loved how you have captured the real world looking in on our Pop Tops world of adventure that both Mums and kids can relate to.

Pop Tops
brentwoods1 #3 獎
brentwoods1 0 創意積分
  • 平面設計

#3 Prize of € 500

Great tag line and creative. The bright, simple creative captured the essence of the Pop Tops brand.

Pop Tops

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