Your First PC 比賽結束

Convince people to buy their first PC, with emotions and word-of-mouth!

開始 2013年6月28日 結束 2013年7月21日 23:59 UTC 審議 結果 2013年9月
2013年7月21日 23:59 UTC


Be it laptops or desktops, the personal computer (PC) has become an essential part of people’s lives. People use it to work, communicate, create, express themselves, connect with others on social networks and for entertainment. However, there are still millions of people in the world who have not yet bought their first PC. While they are getting familiar with PCs by using them at Internet cafés, with friends or at work, they are still hesitating to buy their own PC because they cannot envision how it could change their lives.


Convince people to buy their first PC with an original, engaging message that connects with people on an emotional level, as well as a plan to spread the word using social networks.

“PC” means desktop or laptop computers, not tablets or smartphones.

We are looking for what to say to non-PC owners and how to spread that message.

For example, this could be a campaign on Facebook with a strong message and viral potential, or even an innovative program where a PC owner is rewarded if they successfully convince someone to buy his/her first PC. We are open to all ideas that would have the potential to spread virally, preferably using applications or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or similar.

Look at inspiring people more than just educating them. It is less about the technology and more about the new life experiences a PC can offer.

Tips from eYeka: These ideas are intended to be thought starters so please do not make your work look exactly like our examples.

Example: a campaign that focuses on how a PC allows people to set up and manage an online shop. The tagline could be: “Let the computer unleash the entrepreneur in you”. The campaign could be sponsored by a PC retailer where online entrepreneurs demonstrate how to set up an online business and invite non-PC owners to attend at selected shops where the events will take place. The campaign will be promoted on Facebook. Attendees receive discounts on their first PC purchase and can give these discounts to friends as well.

Another idea could focus on the fact that a laptop PC allows you to have a better experience when you surf the Internet as it has a big screen and good processing power. The tagline could be “Bring the power of the Internet with you wherever you go”. We would set up laptops for people to use for free at popular, high-traffic areas such as shopping malls or parks, with volunteers on hand to help people experience how great web browsing is on a laptop and answer their questions. The location of these “free to use” laptops will be announced through messages on Twitter, posters and flyers. People will be incentivized to invite their friends who live in the area to try them out too. These laptops will change locations often so people will need to track them and inform each other of where they are to keep the interest high.



  • #1 獎金 € 3,000
  • #2 獎金 € 1,500
  • #3 獎金 € 500


Illustration/photography with text, presentations.


Your creation must include a message to convince people and ideas of how to spread that message across, preferably using social tools, social networks and applications. We are looking for original campaign ideas with a viral potential, that people will want to share and spread via word-of-mouth.



  • We need to inspire people to buy a desktop PC or a laptop, not a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Your entry must be in English.


  • 不要在作品中展現任何個人細節(姓名、聯系電話、郵件地址等等)
  • 請保留一份高質量或高清版本的參賽作品,以供在獲獎後使用。
  • 你提交的作品必須是你自己的創作,才具有參賽資格。
  • 你必須取得所有參與媒體創作的作者與演員,每個人的書面許可。
  • 若你有使用到不屬於你自己的創作內容 (音樂、照片、設計等內容),請在你的媒體描述說明中註明,不管你所使用到的音樂和/或圖片是否為自己創作,請提供授權連結證明你有這些內容的使用權利。
  • eYeka愛可網將可能要求你提供書面證明或書面文件的複件,以確保eYeka愛可網和品牌客戶能根據比賽規則獲得使用這些作品的授權。
  • 不符合上述規定的作品將不具備參賽資格。