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Capture, in a visual, the 4 modes of Yoga that empower you to do bigger things!

In life there are people who dream and will always keep dreaming…and there are people who dream and then start doing.

"We make the tools, you make them do" is one of the main taglines of Lenovo and describes what they stand for: Lenovo produces computers for “those who do”. Their products enable people to achieve anything they want. Their computers are therefore “Do Machines”: with these machines, absolutely anyone can roll up their sleeves and make things happen.

Lenovo has launched a new convertible device called Yoga that combines a laptop and a tablet. Yoga has 4 display modes: tablet, laptop, stand and tent. This flexibility means that it can be used in any situation at any time, allowing you to achieve bigger and better things . Lenovo is looking for a clear and simple way for people to understand at first glance - in one single visual - that Yoga has 4 modes and that these 4 modes help “those who do”.

Through a self-explanatory print visual, demonstrate that Yoga has 4 modes (focusing on the most used ones, tablet and laptop mode) that help “those who do”.

Format: Pictures, illustrations with text

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wahjoehidajat 150 創意積分
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#1 獎 € 3,000 被授予給Lenovo - Bullet Train

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#2 獎 € 1,500 被授予給Demonstration of virtuosity

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Bee1117 9,190 創意積分
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#3 獎 € 500 被授予給Let's go

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