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一個來自達能旗下的飲料品牌—— Mizone代表了這樣的信念。這款飲料針對那些要達到自己最佳狀態,充分發揮自身潛能的年輕人(18-25歲),這些年輕人相信“生命不在於你是誰,而是你會成為誰。”



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lilius #1 獎
lilius 0 創意積分
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#1 Prize of € 1,500

fDunk #2 獎
fDunk 10 創意積分
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#2 Prize of € 750

I feel warm inside, knowing that my creativity is bringing me abundance. I am with eYeka from May 2012, found it simply through Google.

I was always amazed by people whose creations gift other people with opportunities and an incredible way to express themselves. So, I want to gratefully thank the founders – those who created this place heartfully for true empowerment and expansion in every way.

Where else can you spend an hour to create an idea and win such a great prize?

Looking forward to new inspiring contests. See ya' soon

remake1990 #3 獎
remake1990 92,810 創意積分
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#3 Prize of € 250

A friend told me there was a video contest and showed me eYeka. I checked it and out and signed up :) . It's a very cool website that gathers different creators in different segments. I like sharing my thoughts, especially those about filmmaking, or script writing ideas I really like it, and this is the reason why I participated in contests. I like ideas for TV scripts, events, stuffs like that, so this contest was about one of my favorite themes :) . I got really excited when I received a message in my email saying “your entry is a winner”, so I directly rushed to open it :) ^^ . I formed my ideas on paper. After that I shaped it using PowerPoint and converted it to PDF for better visual and aesthetic content. I don't really know where I got my inspiration from. I just took the first ideas that came to my head, work on it and try to develop it. That's all. Lastly, everything was done by myself

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