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Design an innovative solution to help busy people find a fun and exciting solution for teeth whitening!

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Whiter teeth and a beautiful smile contribute to emotional happiness and self-confidence for so many people. In fact, 46% of the global population say having white teeth is the most important aspect of their oral health care routine but only up to 8% of people actively use whitening solutions today!

There are lots of ways to whiten teeth today, such as purchasing products over the counter (e.g. at salons, drug stores, or retailers) or receiving professional treatments at dental offices. Over the counter products come in various formats (toothpastes, strips, pens, gels and LED light) and many brands offer these solutions in stores and online.

Professional teeth whitening treatments offered by dental professionals come in a higher concentration of whitening chemicals with some using light to accelerate the whitening process. Historically, whitening uses the same chemical technology. Most differences in format and solution end up being the concentration of the chemicals with little technical innovation.

If 46% of the global population desires whiter teeth, why don’t more people whiten their teeth?

Research has shown that some people have safety concerns towards teeth whitening products as they think it might be damaging to their enamel and/or gums. Furthermore, these products can be seen as expensive, ineffective, cause sensitivity or require planning (e.g. booking dentist appointments).

Regardless of where they purchase or receive their treatment, people seek whitening products that deliver noticeably whiter yet naturally white teeth which don’t look ‘fake’. They want the product to be easy and safe to use, feel no sensitivity, achieve lasting results and a method which is convenient and works quickly.

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