Powdered Milk Sustainable Scooper 比賽結束

Design an innovative scooper for more sustainable powdered milk pack!

€ 5,000
平面設計 - 標簽與包裝設計

Powdered milk is a cluttered category with minimal differentiation between brands. They all come with products that have similar benefits for kids: protection, growth, or brain development, or all three. It is a challenge for moms to decide which brand will support them on the journey of raising their children.

There is an increasing concern on the environmental impact we have as humans. People are changing their habits to reduce their impact on the environment, and it’s even more true for young parents that are raising the future generations. In parallel, brands are doing their share by adapting the products we love to engage in a more sustainable consumption.

Parents use powdered milk at least twice a day for their kids, hence the importance for brands to adapt and address the environmental issue.  This project sponsor has already committed to reducing greenhouse gases and water usage from farm to glass, and, reducing waste and the impact on the environment through ready for recycling or re-usable packaging and by instilling the love of recycling amongst children.

This project sponsor has embarked on a mission to have all packaging 100% recyclable and reusable by 2025. To achieve this ambitious goal, they are looking at plastic alternatives using renewable material, recyclable, home compostable for their product. They need your creativity to tackle a specific issue on their powdered milk products: replacing the plastic scooper that come with every pack by an innovative and sustainable alternative. Can you help?

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