Redynamize water(based) beverages 比賽結束
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Invent new, breakthrough innovations to redynamize the natural mineral water(based) beverages category!

€ 2,500
創意寫作 - 標簽與包裝設計

Water – it is the essence of life and a basic human need for survival. This basic human need has evolved in various ways, and something as simple as water has become so much more exciting to consume. Be it flavored water, sparkling water, vitamin water, the list is endless. It is 2021 and water has already evolved in so many different ways. How can natural mineral water further evolve and what different forms can it take?

Consumers are evolving more and more to a lifestyle where they no longer wish to compromise. They look for products and brands that make opposites go hand-in-hand and that eliminate the tensions and trade-offs they experience: healthy but indulging, convenient but sustainable, basic but tailorable, necessary but fun, …

The market leader of natural mineral water in Benelux is currently offering a range of unflavored and flavored, still and sparkling natural mineral water and natural fruit lemonades. In order to remain relevant they want to feed their innovation funnel and look for ways to redynamize their natural mineral water and water-based beverages. They conducted a study regarding behaviour towards the consumption of water and water-based beverages today and identified different tensions that highlight a variety of consumers’ unmet needs.

Now they are in need of your creativity to imagine which type of concept could help consumers to tackle these tensions and influence how they approach natural mineral water and water-based beverages in their everyday life.

In this task, you get the opportunity to develop a product and/or packaging idea that answers consumer’s current unmet needs within the category of natural mineral water and water-based beverages Are you up for the challenge?

*Water-based beverages: water-based beverages are beverages that include water as the main ingredient. Water-based beverages can be (plain) water, sparkling water, flavored water, functional water, lemonades, iced teas, soft drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, (low) alcohol …
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