Fidelity Rewards for Loyal Clients 2.0 剩下6天
eÿeka Express

Create innovative fidelity rewards to increase the satisfaction of AXA Belgium’s most loyal clients!

€ 2,500
插畫 - 創意寫作

In a previous project, we challenged creators to come up with creative ideas for a fidelity program. This allowed us to capture and understand the expectations towards a loyalty program and for this challenge, we want to push further in those directions.

A side note here: you don’t need to have participated in the previous challenge; this is a standalone project!

The insurance sector is facing a challenge: the ability to give loyal clients visible and impactful fidelity rewards through other means than discounts on insurance policies. Therefore, companies need to come up with creative and effective rewards and advantages.

AXA Belgium, our client, is an insurance company that understands the needs of their clients and wants to provide them with relevant, quick and convenient loyalty rewards in order to further increase client satisfaction. They need your creativity to foresee and imagine future fidelity rewards fitting with this current need. Doing so; AXA Belgium wants to strengthen the relationship with its customers.

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