Lenovo YOGA PC 比賽結束

Create an engaging advertising campaign on an emotional level to promote the YOGA PC.

€ 5,000
平面設計 - 插畫 - 創意寫作

Laptops, smartphones, artificial intelligence… the 21st century is all about technology, and it is hard for anyone to get away from it! It has become so common that we have plenty of choices when looking for, let’s say, a laptop. So how can technology brands stand out from the crowd is a big question, really.

Our sponsor, Lenovo, is a tech company that makes and sells smart devices, PC, tablets, virtual reality devices and more! They have recently chosen a new brand signature, “Smarter Technology For All” to express their ambition to develop world-changing technologies that create a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society. Behind this tagline, you will find a lot of innovations, including the YOGA PC, the very first convertible laptop ever seen.

The YOGA PC is a range of intuitive laptops that helps enhancing your daily life and optimizing your time. Indeed, in a context where everything is going so fast the YOGA PC is a device that follows you seamlessly wherever you are. The YOGA PC can be both your work laptop as well as your personal laptop. Its agility enables you to be agile in an agile world.  All these features make it a premium competitive high-end laptop in the market. It typically retails at 800USD (or in some cases even more).

As Lenovo cares about providing the best to tech users, they had their own YOGA users to build a story, around the use of the YOGA PC. The goal was to understand in what way the YOGA PC is relevant to people’s needs and everyday lives. Two main routes have emerged:

  1. the YOGA PC is for people who are driven by a need to learn, grow and create because the future is for them to win, but sometimes working hard is not enough
  2. the YOGA PC is for people who are willing to invest in themselves because it's essential to achieving personal growth and goals even if it means spending more on tools that can help them

This is where Lenovo needs your help: you need to choose between one of those two ideas to help them build a story for the YOGA PC in an impactful way so that it is understood and resonates with people on an emotional level. Can you help?

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