Pro-Kido Ruihu 比賽結束
eÿeka Express

Bring to life Pro-Kido Ruihu “Natural Grass-Fed, Natural Protection”!

€ 2,500
插畫 - 創意寫作

Mothers want to let go of their babies, but they dare not let go completely. They are afraid that their babies will be harmed by the outside world (worrying that their bodies’ resistance is not strong enough) and worry whether their baby has a strong enough body to let go of them easily. Mothers hope their baby has the body to explore the world care free and experience all kinds of fun in growth, so that mothers can feel at ease.

When they look for solutions, Chinese parents wish they could have an option to protect their baby all day long so that they can enjoy good family time together with no concerns. Pro-Kido is a brand committed to providing Chinese parents with products closest to the quality of breast milk, thanks to important research undertaken on breast milk. Pro-Kido provides different solutions under different sub-brands to cater for all the needs of Chinese parents. Among them, Pro-Kido Ruihu mainly focuses on "Natural Grass-Fed, Natural Protection".

Pro-Kido Ruihu would like to find a creative way to communicate the benefit of its formula made with pure milk sourced from New Zealand.Can you help catch the attention of mothers and generate word of mouth among Chinese parents?

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