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Help Dugro raise moms’ awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for their children’s future success!

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Most people assume the modern society we live in offers better life conditions to children. However, despite the constant progress, there are some scary side-effects that we often ignore: children today expend 400% less energy compared to 40 years ago, social isolation at a young age could impact mental health in adulthood, and a poor diet can result in tiredness and lack of concentration among kids. Today, it is much more complex than it used to be to evaluate what children suffer from, hence the importance of a holistic health approach.

Holistic health is more than just optimal height and good marks in school. Good health encompasses physical well-being, cognitive development as well as emotional health. Lacking in any of these aspects directly impacts children throughout their lives into adulthood, reducing their ability to thrive and, ultimately, their success.

First-time moms are not necessarily aware of this, or they are not concerned because they keep focusing on traditional milestones, where cognitive development is believed to be the most important element to succeed. They assume their child is growing well as long as he or she has a good height and weight, but they can miss crucial elements.

Dugro, a well-known Children’s Milk Brand in Malaysia, believes that for every Malaysian child to succeed, we need to ensure they have a really holistic health foundation. Dugro is committed to ensuring every Malaysian child has a good start in life – smart, healthy and happy. Can you help?

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