Drinkware for Babies 比賽結束
eÿeka Express

Design a safe and multisensorial baby drinkware product that encourages babies to drink water independently and helps develop their early education.

€ 2,500
平面設計 - 插畫

In China, a baby’s well-being is of utmost importance to loving and caring mothers. In the early development of a child, every new step, word and achievement is a proud moment for young mothers. All moms want to provide their child with an advantage in life and this starts with a healthy lifestyle and early education. Breast milk, baby formula and pureed foods are common in a baby’s diet with water being consumed around meals. Chinese moms believe water is crucial to a baby’s health, yet many babies do not enjoy drinking water as it is tasteless, not like milk or juice.  Currently, most baby cups in the market are very similar. They come with a straw or other sippy accessories and are just a basic container of water. They really do nothing to encourage a baby to consume the water by themselves.

There is a new generation of open minded Chinese moms aged 25-35 years old who maintain busy careers in order to provide for their family. These Chinese mothers want their children to succeed in the technological and commercially fast-paced Chinese culture. Therefore, staying up to date with the latest trends in baby products that encourage self-learning and basic skill development is a must.

We need your help in designing a multisensorial and educational drinkware product that encourages babies to drink water on their own.