A new label for BONAFONT 比賽結束

Can you modernize the label of Mexico’s number one bottled water, BONAFONT?

€ 7,000
平面設計 - 標簽與包裝設計

We all know that the connections we make with brands can be as deep as the ones we make with other people: we call it brand love! For years in Mexico, one brand, above all others, has been the consumers’ favorite: Bonafont.  Bonafont is the leading bottled water in Mexico and since 1992, the brand has been inspiring Mexicans to enjoy healthier hydration habits in a light and sustainable way. We also know that very often packaging is a critical component in building a brand’s identity. This is what this challenge is about!

Bonafont stands out in this bottled water market with its distinctive and immediately recognizable “Salmon” colored label compared to blue, a generic color for the category. The brand is famous for offering a light water in a quality and modern packaging. Its communication is targeted to empower and give confidence to women but it is consumed and loved equally by both genders.

Recently, more brands have entered the market or redesigned their packs to make them more modern and attractive. Some brands are even communicating through their packs the “lightness” of their water, the key benefit owned until now by Bonafont!

Can you help Bonafont redesign its label to make sure it expresses “lightness” in a more clear and modern way, while also remaining the most attractive pack on the market?

Format: 2-page PDF – 1 page with your label design + 1 page with your answers