Duracell hearing aid batteries 比賽結束

Convince people with hearing aids to switch to Duracell batteries because they last longer.

€ 5,000

Today around 5% of the world’s population suffers from hearing issues. This number increases every year because boomers, a large part of the population, are aging, and it is also due to improper exposure to excessive noise. Most people with inadequate hearing are above 55 years old. 

When they start using a hearing aid, (upon a doctor’s recommendation) they feel relieved and ‘connected to the real world again’. 

Most of the hearing aids come with pre-installed batteries, which are not Duracell. It is human nature to continue using a brand that has proven itself, especially for a device that keeps them “connected to the real world”. 

It is a shame because Duracell hearing aid batteries last longer than any other. 

So, can you help Duracell?

In an impactful and emotional poster, convince hearing aid users to switch to Duracell batteries because they last longer.

Format: A poster with a headline and an explanation of the main idea. (2 page PDF)