Président Cheese Saudi Campaign 比賽結束

Put Président Cheese on the map in Saudi Arabia by convincing them to try it !

€ 5,000
插畫 - 創意寫作

Président Cheese offers an extensive range of cheese in Saudi Arabia, but the Brand is not identified there as the world's most famous, leading cheese brand. The main reason why is that in most non-European cultures, cheese is more seen as a comfort food that makes recipes better or as a culinary ingredient. Saudis look for a multi-sensorial pleasure when they eat cheese. It’s not just about taste, but mouthfeel, aroma, and more. They are a proud culture, and pride themselves on buying high quality everything, including cheese. 

So President has realised that it’s time to build its brand and tailor its messaging specifically to the Saudi Arabian consumer who values pleasure and quality above all else. Your challenge is to help President reinvent themselves, by finding a way to express the uniquely high quality of President cheese, in a stand-out TV commercial, without using a “comparative” technique to other products because Saudi people already cherish the brands they know and are very faithful to them.

Create an unforgettable Président Cheese TV commercial that will entice Saudis to try new cheeses with Président because all quality cheeses are perhaps not equally created. 

Format : Story-board or illustrated scripts with quick drawing, or image