Rose Premium Skincare 剩下4天

Break with the communication conventions of a rose-based premium skincare brand and reinvent them!

€ 5,000
平面設計 - 創意寫作

The rose flower, aside from its exquisite perfume, has beneficial skin properties that have been identified a long time ago. It is crucial that brands use a singular communication to help people tell the difference between different rose based cosmetics.

Our sponsor has great potential to be ahead of the competition. This well-known French premium skincare brand has invested 15 years of research into a wild rose, to optimize it, and get the most powerful extract possible. Yet, the brand does not really exploit it in its communication, and for now, simply showcases the jar of the product along with a beautiful rose.

As the brand is preparing to add a new product, a concentrated serum, to its range of skin treatments, are you ready to help our sponsor reinvent its communication conventions and tell a powerful story about its rose?

Format: presentation (3 pages max.)

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