Gerber Life Grow Up ® Plan 比賽結束

Help Gerber Life tell the story of how child life insurance protects a child’s future.

€ 5,000
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Gerber Life Insurance, an affiliate of Gerber Products, the baby food company, provides whole life insurance for children – The Gerber Life Grow-Up ® Plan. It provides financial protection, builds cash value, and guarantees life insurance coverage for a lifetime. Most American parents know Gerber Baby Food helps children build a nutritional foundation for the future, but few realize that Gerber Life helps children build a sound financial future as well.

Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan® Plan guarantees that every policy holder will be insured for his whole life, regardless of any health or medical conditions, or a hazardous occupation. It’s easy to sign up for: it takes 3 minutes to fill in the form to get a quote.

Unlike older generations who learned about insurance products from traditional media channels like TV or direct mail, Millennial moms tend to zap those channels in favor of digital, including mobile.

Gerber Life wants to communicate how Gerber Life Grow-Up® Plan helps parents protect their child’s future in an authentic, simple and emotional way. Can you help?

Format: Poster with headline and body copy + answers to the questions (3 pages max)