Dole – Dried fruits 比賽結束

Taste the Sunshine with Dole dried fruits

€ 7,500
平面設計 - 插畫

Fruits are so versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of exciting ways. Dole is an all-natural brand of fruits. They offer a great way to enjoy fruits as a snack in the form of dried fruits – dried mango, pineapple and banana chips. They’re made from the most premium fruits selected by Dole and every bite of the dried fruits is like a Taste of Sunshine. It’s a guilt-free way to snack your heart away without having to worry about artificial colors and flavors. This is a great snacking option for 25 to 40 year-old women who are conscious about their health. They are always on the lookout for convenient and high-quality snacks which can replace unhealthy chips, chocolate and candy. We want your help in convincing women that Dole dried fruits is the perfect tasty and healthy snack for them and every bite taken is like a Taste of Sunshine.

Through exciting visuals in a vibrant poster with tagline, show how Dole dried fruit’s every bite is like a Taste of Sunshine and convince women that it’s the perfect tasty and healthy snack.

Format: Poster with tagline – 1 page