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How can you revolutionize customer experience with a telecom company?

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New-age brands have transformed user experience by making it digital-centric. How about the telecommunication industry? How will it look like in 5 years’ time for millennials?

Ooredoo, is a leading international telecom company with more than 120 million mobile phone users across different regions. Ooredoo means “I want”, and it’s at the core of the company’s philosophy, which is to help customers reach their goals and ambitions. They want to be a leader in the future digital era by improving customer experience through innovative digital products and services.

They want to completely reinvent how people sign up and use their mobile network services.

In a world where everything is being reinvented, tell us how Ooredoo, a telecom company, can WOW millennials in the new digital era.

Format: Presentation made of visuals (sketches, pictures, illustrations) and text (3 PDF pages max)