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Convince people that Downy and ARIEL are the perfect match and should be part of their laundry routine.

In an original and powerful poster and in store visual, convince women that ARIEL and Downy’s concentrated laundry products are the perfect match.

A poster with a tagline + answers to the questions – 2 pages max


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We loved all your ideas and creativity, this work helped us to open our eyes on how to step up on our brands communication and campaign ideas. Every piece was revised and it was really difficult to select the winners as there were a lot of great entries. Thanks to everyone and congratulations for your work and originality.



oceanomare #1 獎
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#1 獎 € 3,000 被授予給Joint

We loved the creativity of matching two brands behind a puzzle and still respecting each brand moment and equity. This is the concept we were looking for Ariel + Downy as perfect match.

Well Done and great work, congratulations for this project

ravenstudio #2 獎
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#2 獎 € 1,500 被授予給Two little hereos

Great work on the concept, we loved the Idea of little heroes for great adventures. This Piece of communication has lots of originality and opened our eyes to see the brand in a different world.

Congratulations on your creativity

MagicCreatives #3 獎
MagicCreatives 34,800 創意積分
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#3 獎 € 500 被授予給Harmony

Congratulations on your work, we loved how you respected both brand equities behind a concept, this is a hard thing to do so we are glad to see this piece of communication. The concept of Ying & Yang is so original and connects with our brands.

Thanks a lot for your creativity, congratulations!




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