The story of Nutella at Christmas - Scripts 比賽結束

Nutella brings more intensity to Christmas!

€ 5,000
插畫 - 創意寫作

It is safe to say Christmas is not just a day anymore, it is a feeling. It is that sense of wonder, joy, and revitalizing energy that people start to feel a long time before the D-day comes: decorating the house, baking together, shopping for presents...

Nutella, the delicious chocolate spread and the iconic brand, has become a symbol of Christmas. In fact, people seem to increasingly integrate the brand into their Christmas rituals: the spread is now an essential baking ingredient for great desserts. It has even become so popular that people are looking online at how to adapt the traditional Christmas recipes with Nutella. That is why Nutella claims “Christmas never tasted this good” and celebrates cooking at Christmas as a moment of togetherness.

Can you help Nutella tell an engaging and modern Christmas story where the preparation, sharing, and excitement around baking with Nutella brings warmth and intensity to Christmas rituals?

Format: illustrated scripts - 4 pages max.