Perfume Gifting 比賽結束

Reinvent the fragrance gifting experience

€ 7,500
平面設計 - 創意寫作

Our sponsor, an international group of fine fragrance brands, wants to reinvent fragrance gifts set offer from the uninspired routine gift choice it is today, to an exciting, innovative, perhaps interactive gifting experience for the gifter, and for the receiver.  

Can you help recreate the spark and make people love fragrance gifts again ? We are ambitious because gifting is a wonderful tradition that deserves more emotion, surprise, and thrill … Help us think of fragrance gifting experiences that would be so desirable, people would even queue up for it?

Reinvent the perfume gifting experience so it’s exciting & surprising for both the gifter and the receiver.

Format: A presentation of a fragrance gifting experience, with texts and visuals (sketches, illustrations, pictures).