Feed the Hunger 比賽結束

Yo-Get yoghurt feeds the hunger that fuels your passions

€ 6,500
平面設計 - 創意寫作

Yo-Get is a high-protein yoghurt brand with no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no fat. It’s the perfect accompaniment for people who want to pursue their passions and even for people who are fitness oriented and lead an active and ‘non-stop’ lifestyle. It’s for people who are always hungry for more, just like you! Yo-Get gives you sustained energy and keeps you fuller for longer. It feeds your hunger for snacking as well as the hunger to pursue your passions in life. Whether it’s a physical exercise, side-business or passion you’re trying to start or pursue, you can count on Yo-Get to keep energized and live a life without limits. We want you to come up a visual for an outdoor ad based on this idea and tell a strong story based on it. The strong story you say through your visual will also be used to inspire a video based on the idea.

Create exciting and eye-catching visuals for an outdoor ad which tells a story about how Yo-Get high-protein yoghurt feeds the hunger for snacking and the hunger to pursue and fulfill your passions.

Format: A presentation with one visual and tagline OR multiple visuals and tagline (if the idea is for an interactive outdoor ad) along with text to answer the questions (Maximum 3 pages per entry).