Kinder Surprise brings joy and excitement! 比賽結束

Show us how Kinder Surprise sparks kids’ natural curiosity and excitement.

€ 5,000
插畫 - 創意寫作

Kinder Surprise is a truly unique sweet. On top of its iconic egg shape and its satisfying chocolate, it contains a toy that enchants children's curiosity. Trusted by mums and loved by kids, Kinder Surprise is a family favorite that encourages quality time between parents and children, helps develop imagination and make them grow (as they will play with the toy) and above all brings joy to their hearts of the little ones.

Kids love surprises and mums like to treat their kids with a little reward or gift. For these occasions, Kinder Surprise is the perfect sweet. It helps mums express their love and what they like the most is seeing the anticipation and the excitement in the eyes of their children. That feeling is something mums wouldn’t want to miss!

The brand is going to develop a TV commercial that makes a significant impact on mothers of children from 3 to 9 years old, showing them how special Kinder Surprise is. The TVC will tell a story where the curiosity and excitement of Kinder Surprise’s joy is central.

Can you help inventing the nicest story?

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