KITKAT - Snap Out of It - Storyboard 比賽結束

A KITKAT a day, keeps the drama away

€ 7,500
插畫 - 創意寫作

KITKAT has always been known as the perfect accompaniment for a break. Think “Have a Break, have a KITKAT”. The idea of breaks has evolved from traditional long time outs (mid-afternoon coffee breaks) to people taking small, fluid breaks throughout the day (checking messages or Facebook feed on mobile). This is because of people always being on the go and time-poor to take longer breaks. Because of a fast paced life and always multi-tasking, there are situations when a person gets so stretched and has pushed so hard that they just start reacting dramatically. It’s during these times that they really need a break and KITKAT wants to be there for them. KITKAT can help during these situations to take a break, Snap Out of it and avoid all the drama.

Can you help us tell a funny and relatable story based on this idea?

Create storyboard for a funny and relatable story which shows people reacting dramatically to frustrating situations and how KITKAT can help them Snap Out of it and put the situation into perspective, without the drama.

Format: Storyboard (Visuals+Text) – Maximum 4 pages per entry.