Enhancing a novel treatment for RA Patients 比賽結束

Can you convince Rheumatologists that ARTRIBIX should be their go-to RA treatment because it redefines their patients’ experience?

€ 10,000
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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting small joints in the hands and feet. The body's immune system attacks its own tissue, affecting joint linings, causing painful swelling. This may lead to bone erosion and joint deformity. 

ARTRIBIX is the first oral (pill) for the advanced treatment of RA working deep inside the cell while the competitors are either injectable or infusion biologic treatments. It rapidly relieves important symptoms of RA and has a significant real world experience. If biologic therapy is like a fireman who simply extinguishes the fire, then ARTRIBIX goes into the fire and turns down the gas – which is effective and direct.

Can you help to convince rheumatologist (doctors) that ARTRIBIX is the right choice to liberate their patients from methotrexate and biologic treatment?

Through a powerful poster with tagline, convince rheumatologist that prescribing ARTRIBIX can redefine their patients’ experience.

Format: A poster with tagline + answers to 3 questions. Entries in English.